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Title: New wheat variety INIA 440 – K’ ANCHAREQ: Selection and agronomic and comercial characterization in Cusco, Peru
Authors: Estrada Zúniga, Rigoberto 
Vigo Mestanza, Carmen Natividad 
Gonza Cusipuma, Victor Antonio 
Manotupa Tupa, Michael 
Carreño Fernández, Hans 
Bobadilla Rivera, Leidy 
Keywords: Homogeneity;Quality;Trials;Yield
Issue Date: Feb-2023
Publisher: Elsevier
Source: Estrada, R.; Vigo, C.; Gonza, V.; Manotupa, M.; Carreño, H. & Bobadilla, L. (2023). New wheat variety INIA 440 – k’ ANCHAREQ: Selection and agronomic and comercial characterization in Cusco, Peru. Heliyon. Doi: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2022.e12712.
Journal: Heliyon 
The objective of this study was to select and characterize agronomically the advanced bread wheat line H - 1246 which gave origin to the INIA wheat variety 440 - K’ANCHAREQ. The research included yield trials in farmers’ fields during 4 production seasons (2012–2016), adaptation and agronomic efficiency trials in two production seasons (2016–2018). In addition, the reaction to Yellow Rust and distinctness, uniformity and stability characteristics of the new wheat variety and commercial controls were evaluated. The plots for each of the trials were conducted under a Completely Randomized Block design with three replications. At the end of the trials, desirable characteristics in the baking industry such as hectoliter weight, protein, ash, gluten and flour moisture were evaluated. The results showed that the new INIA 440 - K’ANCHAREQ variety has ten clear differences in qualitative characteristics, which distinguish it from other varieties and remained constant during the trials. The yield trials between locations showed the adaptation of the INIA 440 - K’ANCHAREQ variety to the different locations due to its high yield and hectoliter weight values. At the locality level, Andenes obtained the highest values in most of the production seasons. Adaptation trials during the second season showed the superiority of the new INIA 440 - K’ANCHAREQ variety for variables such as yield, plant height, ear size and thousand grain weight. The new variety showed no signs of stripe rust during the trials. Industrial quality trials indicated that it has good characteristics for the baking industry
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