Fernandez Huaytalla, Elizabeth

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Fernandez Huaytalla, Elizabeth
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13-Apr-2017First report of cassava common mosaic disease and Cassava Common Mosaic Virus infecting cassava (Manihot esculenta) in PeruFernandez Huaytalla, Elizabeth  ; Espinoza, Ivonne  ; Lozano, Ivan  ; Bolaños, Carmen  ; Carvajal Yepes, Monica  ; Cuellar, Wilmer 
2Sep-2017Resolution of cassava-infecting alphaflexiviruses: Molecular and biological characterization of a novel group of potexviruses lacking the TGB3 geneLozano, Ivan  ; Leiva, Ana M.  ; Jimenez, Jenyfer  ; Fernández Huaytalla, Elizabeth  ; Carvajal Yepes, Monica  ; Cuervo, Maritza  ; Cuellar, Wilmer J. 

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