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Molecular Biology Reports
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Molecular Biology Reports publishes original research papers and review articles that demonstrate novel molecular and cellular findings in both eukaryotes (animals, plants, algae, funghi) and prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea).The journal publishes results of both fundamental and translational research as well as new techniques that advance experimental progress in the field and presents original research papers, short communications and (mini-) reviews. Molecular Biology Reports focuses on: All aspects of Molecular and Cellular Biology. All aspects related to the different structures and functions of the cell (eukaryotic and prokaryotic) and to its components (DNA, RNA, protein) are relevant to the scope of this journal. DNA replication, transcription, nucleic acid-protein interaction, RNA processing, intracellular transport, protein biosynthesis are examples of topics within the Molecular Biology field. Nuclear function, cytoskeleton and cell membrane interactions, transport of cellular products between different organelles fits in the Cellular Biology category.
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